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Moore's Breakaway  Cut'em Sum Slack

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Slack is a fast dog that runs with style she's a great marker. She will go all day then try to convince you there is more work or paly to be had. She also is calm and collected when it matters most a good example of an on off switch. 


46 ponds 

21.5 inches

DNA Tests Complete Free of all genetic diseases tested 

Eyes CAER Normal

OFA Hips Good 

OFA Elbows Normal 

PennHip R: 0.24 L: 0.23

Rates her hips to be better than breed average and within the tightest 5% for the breed. 

Slacks mom is our very own Storm. Slacks Dad is a handsome guy that has earned his way into the master nationals hall of fame and has passed several Grands. 

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