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Storm: Image

SHR Moores Marvel Daredevil Calm Before the Storm JH


Storm is all drive!  Storm's desire to work is incredible, she produces such amazing puppies that come out of the gate wanting to work.  Storm is a fast dog and seems to pass that genetic trait to her pups.  With a very reliable nose and good marking, she always comes back with the bird. Storm is able to work hard then cuddle next to her family when the day is over.


55 Pound 16 Inches OFA Hips Exellent OFA elbows normalPinnHip Rates her to be within in the tightest 5% for the breed. DNA health panel done. 

Storm went four for five in her AKC Junior hunt test and four for four in her UKC Started hunt title


Storm produces attractive puppies that are social love water and are always ready to be on the go

Storm: Females
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