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Huck : Image

SHR Moores Explosive Huck of the Irish JH


Huck has left us many years before we thought we would have to say goodbye. We got a glimpse of his gentle loving personality and explosive energy in the field. He would fight through anything to please his handler and get the birds. We had big plans for this handsome boy and everyday was grateful to have him be apart of our family and couldn't wait to see what he was going to grow up to be. 

Huck looks exactly like he acts, this dog has a lot of drive.  Perfect for the active hunter.  Everything about this dog is natural, great instincts when it comes to the hunt and a ton of style.  Huck is an impressive problem solver and an amazing nose.  He has no quit and will always come back with the bird.


55 Pounds 
18 inches
Genetic health panel complete

Huck went four for five in the AKC junior hunt test, only missing the one due to a prolonged victory lap with a bird. He redeemed himself going four for four in the UKC started test.  Huck will be working on his Senior titles this season.

Huck : Males
Huck : Males
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